St. Mary Parish and St. Mary School Administration

Very Rev. Thomas Davis



Rev. Steven DiMassimo

Associate Pastor

910.762.5491 ext-102   

Deacon John Walsh

Director of Religious Education

910.762.5491 Ext-114

Joseph Poletti

School Principal

910.762.5491 ext. 140

Sharon Marren

Business Manager

910.762.5491 ext. 158

Mary Ann Kotas

Director of The Sister Isaac Center


Norma Rivera

Director of Hispanic Ministries

910.762.5491 ext.122

Barbara Gallagher

Director of Music/Organist

910.762.5491 ext. 118

Cheryl Smith

Parish Secretary

910.762.5491 ext. 129

Sandy O'Leary

Bulletin Editor


Susan Linn

School Registrar

910.762.5491 ext. 140

Omeed Huemiller

Seminarian / Pastoral Year

Ext. 103 

Irene Cruz

Assistant  for Hispanic Ministries

910.762-5491 ext. 122