Dear Ones


Dear Ones,


As you read this I am preparing to go on vacation. Sunday night I will be visiting Msgr. Moeslein in Southern Pines/Pinehurst where he had a hip replacement during our Priests’ Retreat. He was the founding pastor of St. Mark Parish back in 1978 and is a longtime friend. After that, moving west, I will be stopping in Cullowhee and points wester on my way to visit a couple of schoolmates in Baton Rouge. After that…, you’ll have to read next week!


While looking forward to this trip I have been watching the Weather Channel and holding my breath so that nothing would be coming up hurricane alley that would upset my plans. So far, so good. However, it did make me aware that I have never shared with you what our plans would be if weather does take a bad turn in our area.


As a rule, when New Hanover County Schools close so does St. Mary School; when St. Mary School closes so does the Sister Isaac Center, when the Sister Isaac Center closes so do our Parish Offices. And Mass? Well, I certainly feel that if civil authorities say you should stay off the roads, you should do that. It is not a sin to miss a Sunday Mass because you are following civil authority’s instructions for public safety! Since being a priest means being one of the last people in our society who live “over the store.” In all probability Father Alberto and I will say Mass and will remember you in our prayers. And we will be happy that you are staying home where you are as safe as you can be and not on the road where you could endanger police, Highway Patrol, EMT’s, Fire Department and other first responders. While Jesus did speak about justice and responsibility, he talked more about love and mercy.

Fr. T