Dear Ones


Dear Ones, 


It was a delight to share with you some of the things which we have accomplished in the last couple of years. I wanted to share with you the news of the new sound system too (which is not finished yet) but I was afraid of jinxing myself! 


One important thing I did not share last week was that we can only do these things with our heads lifted high if we are being true to our Catholic fundamentals. And one of those fundamentals is our outreach and care for the poor. 


Our Sister Isaac Center does that outreach for us all. Our Parish is well represented among the 95+ volunteers who gather Monday through Thursday to assist those in need. And they give out more than just band-aids (literal and figurative) and food. They also help people to get their lives back on track, have somebody who affirms the value of their lives, and who share with them the solid hope that they can do good and they can do better. As they have their Yard Sale this weekend, I hope many of you  will support them and pray for them and thank them. What they do is the ministry of Christ and they act for him and for us all. 


Thank you, 

Father T